Dr. Wayne Steury's NT Greek Page ...


   Pdf Book Resource!  -- Excellent resource for Greek and study books.  Also, look at Google "books."

   Erasmus' Greek NT  -- Erasmus' Greek NT in PDF file (65 meg)

Write me for a free DVD of many more public-domain Greek NT files including grammars, commentaries, manuscript pictures (mss A, B, aleph, etc), old Greek NTs (Erasmus 1516 & 1522, Complutensian Polyglot, Stephanus', Elzervir 1633) Origen's Hexapla and various other amazing Greek resources.

    E-mail Wayne  -- write me for the DVD or just tell me if you appreciate this web page.  I will ask for a postage and handling fee.

Bible Search programs:

The “Online Bible http://www.onlinebible.net/index.html – with many public domain versions, commentaries, Greek NT, Hebrew OT, lexicon, dictionaries, maps, music and books. RECOMMENDED! Modern Bible versions available. See the third party link for more add-on resources.

E-Sword Bible Search program http://www.crosswire.org/index.jsp This program offers Clarke and Wesley’s commentaries and many other resources. There is also a Greek and Hebrew Memory card program for your computer --  http://www.crosswire.org/flashcards/

Unibible - multilingual bible reader for the palm -  http://unbound.biola.edu/unibible/


Greek NT Study Resources:

Rodney J. Decker NT Resources - http://faculty.bbc.edu/rdecker/links.htm#NewTestament Many links to sources for both English and Greek studies. A wealth of links to NT Greek studies!

Online Greek NT -- http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/~fisher/gnt/ The University of York provides this unique online Greek NT.

Greek NT w/ variants -- http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/GNT/books.html

The Resurgence Greek Project --  http://www.zhubert.com/   Study your English and/or Greek NT with definitions.  When you move your mouse across the Greek word the parsing and definition show.  Also some helps in textual criticism and the Codex Sinaiticus.  Amazing site!

Hopperizer -- an online program that can look up your Greek word from various Lexicons - LSJ, Liddell, Slater and Autenrieth. Also will convert text from Greek Unicode and Transliterated into various formats.

The Greek Resurgence Project -- Look up Scriptures various Bibles including the Greek, Codex Sinaiticus, Tischendorf, Textual Criticism, and English versions.


Bible Study Resources:

Wesley Center Online of the Northwest Nazarene University http://wesley.nnu.edu/ -- resources for Wesleyan materials, John Wesley’s and John Fletcher’s works, non-canonical resources, holiness books. Online Greek NT. RECOMMENDED!


Various Resources for “Introduction to the New Testament”

Canonization of the NT from a Greek orthodox scholar with quotations from the early Church Fathers. Daniel F. Lieuwen http://www.orthodox.net/faq/canon.htm